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The demand for professional organizer services and productivity consultant services is growing as more people understand how we can help them in their home or business. Many individuals have discovered that professional organizing or productivity consulting can be a satisfying career choice.

Professional Organizers

  • Work with you in your home or your business, providing personalized services in such areas as decluttering, organizing the kitchen or closets, or sorting and filing papers.
  • May specialize in areas including home office, business organizing, time management, medical paperwork, home staging and many others.
  • May offer additional services such as consulting, speaking, or training. Some organizers are authors, inventors, or manufacturers of organizing products.
  • May have a wealth of experience in complementary fields, such as psychology, social work, teaching, household management and interior design.

Productivity Consultants

  • Work with you in your home to define systems or procedures to help you get more done, or get it done more efficiently.
  • work with you in your business to increase employee productivity, improve management planning, or increase business efficiency.

NAPO Minnesota Chapter

  • The non-profit Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (also known as “NAPO Minnesota”) has been in existence since April 1994.
  • Our chapter represents Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota and northwestern Wisconsin.
  • NAPO Minnesota provides support and information to those who are exploring or enjoying professional organizing and/or productivity consulting as a career.
  • NAPO Minnesota offers a business partner membership for businesses that offer complimentary services or products.
  • Chapter members agree to abide by a code of ethics that includes providing confidentiality to all clients.
  • Our chapter is part of the national non-profit organization, NAPO, whose website is NAPO.net


NAPO has been a formal organization since 1985 and currently has close to 3,500 members throughout the U.S. and in 8 other countries.

The national organization and all of its chapters take pride in being recognized as The Organizing Authority.

As declared by NAPO, January is National “Get Organized Month(sm)” since “getting organized” is consistently one of the top five New Year’s resolutions.