Golden Circle

Golden Circle members are professional organizers and/or productivity consultants who have been NAPO national members for five or more years. Golden Circle meetings are limited to Golden Circle members. Current members are listed below.

NAPO's prestigious Golden Circle was formed in 1990 to recognize members who have attained an elevated level of experience.

The mission of Golden Circle is to provide opportunities for its members to learn, share, support and network with other industry veterans locally, nationally and internationally. Our aim is to join together as seasoned organizers and support one another and all members of NAPO.

For the schedule of meetings, see the Events page. For more information about Golden Circle, contact Susi McCune.

Golden Circle Members

Sheila Dingels Susi McCune Jane Scheidnes Jan Lehman
Dawnee Dorholt Andrea Hayft Stephanie Rasley Tammy Schotzko
Polly Franta Marilyn Tomfohrde Joor Schultz Beth DeZiel
Kathryn Franzen Louise Kurzeka Sara Pedersen  Beth Gibson Lilja
Diane Gambrel  Damaris Welles Kimberly Dahline  Alanna Frendt
 Christine Daves  Jinnet Fowles  Layne Steingas  Karen Northway